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Miss Fernande:
First Lady of Erotica

Online Collection & Identification Guide

Fifty years before Bettie Page became a pinup icon, another beauty was equally celebrated in Europe. Her name was Miss Fernande.

While Bettie adorned the pages of men’s magazines, Fernande’s medium was erotic postcards (i.e., "French postcards"), which were all the rage at the time. Most of her photographs were taken by Jean Agelou and distributed by his label, JA Studios, in Paris.

Little is known about the lovely Fernande, not even her last name (the postcards only indicate “Miss Fernande”). Though she is largely forgotten today, her photographs are still collected worldwide by an ardent following.

Available here online is a virtually complete collection of over 400 Miss Fernande postcards, many rare and obscure. They are organized by series, in 1.5" index and 8" full size views. The postcards have been  restored to their original B&W state, with distracting flaws eliminated.

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The photo collection is also available on Amazon for viewing on a standard size Kindle:

Miss Fernande Series on Amazon


About The Author:
Louis La VoIpe is the production supervisor for NYU’s Institute of Film & Television and founder of several distance learning websites for aspiring filmmakers.

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